Claret is a collection of tools created to assist Memorial University students. The primary focus of Claret is an easy to use schedule builder (written in React) allowing for significantly easier planning semesters prior to course registration. Claret also consists of a Scraper, API, ICS Server, and Discord Bot all written in Go.

Eastern Edge Robotics

I am currently a software team member as well as GUI lead for Eastern Edge Robotics. The software will be used for the ROV competing in the 2024 MATE ROV Competition in Kingsport, Tennessee next June! Alongside being a software member, I am also assisting in rewriting the website using Astro and React!


A homelab which uses Proxmox that I run as a hobby. The VMs in Proxmox include TrueNAS Core, Debian with Docker containers, and Home Assistant OS. The server features an Intel i3-10100, an NVIDIA GTX 960, 16 GB of RAM, and 3x 6TB WD Red hard drives running in RAID Z1.

Husky Explorer 2023

The Husky Explorer competed in the 2023 Mate ROV World Championship that took place in Longmont, Colorado in June of 2023. The repository contains all of the code used by Husky Explorer that year, including the software control system, and the vertical profiling float.


A Minecraft utility mod created using the Fabric Modding API for 1.17.1, this mod included several features such as a custom ClickGUI using the ImGui library.